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Optoma HD82 DLP Projector Launches


Optoma HD82 DLP Projector Launches

Optomer, makers of the GameTime Gt7000 and Pico PK101, isn't just focused on the bottom of the market. As the HD82 proves, it aims to compete at the high end as well.

Priced at a lofty £2,999, the HD82 unsurprisingly sports a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080, a 20,000:1 claimed contrast ratio - aided by dynamic iris trickery. A 22dB noise output is definitely in the right ballpark; the annoyance of hearing fans whirring over the soundtrack of, say, Tropic Thunder (or something a little more sedate, perhaps? - Ed.), on Blu-ray would be enough to get anyone riled.

Optoma's HD82 sports the company's PureEngine, comprising a trio of technologies, namely PureMotion, PureColour and PureDetail, which - as if the names didn't already betray their functions - attempt to improve the reproduction of motion, colour and detail respectively. 24p playback is supported, putting to good use the pair of HDMI ports that sit alongside a DVI port, a component input and an S-Video connector.

And don't forget: "Optoma are the projector experts, we guarantee that the vibrant colours will be just as incredible after five years as they are out of the box." We'll have to try and get out hands on a unit to see just how much that claim holds up.



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