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Optoma HD20 1080p Projector Outed.


Optoma HD20 1080p Projector Outed.

Optoma reckons its HD20 projector is the first example to offer native 1080p for under £900, which isn't exactly true - the InFocus X10 got there first. Nonetheless, the HD20 is still a 1080p capable projector with an MSRP of £899 so it's still noteworthy, if not unique.

The 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution is backed up by a quoted contrast ratio of 500:1 which might not sound impressive compared to the million-to-one figured being bandied about in TV Land recently, but I'm prepared to give Optoma the benefit of the doubt and assume the low figure is as a result of being realistic. The 1,700 ANSI Lumens brightness rating definitely shouldn't disappoint, at least.

Some concessions to its low-ish pricing can be found lookgin at the HD20s inputs, or lack thereof. Two HDMI ports and a single Component input are hardly what could be called generous. That said you could easily hook up a PS3 (for gaming and Blu-ray) and a Sky+HD box for (HD TV) without really wanting for any more inputs. Especially as the budget constrained are probably unlikely to have a large number of devices to hook up to a projector in the first place.

If you're swayed by the HD20's charms, then you'll be able to grab one some time later this month.



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