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Opera 11 Introduces Stacked Tabs

David Gilbert


Opera 11 Introduces Stacked Tabs

the latest version of internet browser Opera will allow users to ‘stack’ their open tabs into groups in order to save time and organize their work better.

The ability to stack your tabs is just one of the new features of the beta release of Opera 11 which is available to download now. Extensions, mouse gestures, bookmarks and plug-ins have been added or improved in this latest version of the browser. With 140million users around the globe, Opera is one of the more popular web browsers but it only has 2.2 per cent of the market which is light years behind Firefox – which two weeks ago released Firefox 4 Beta 7 – which has 44 per cent of the market.

Stacking tabs, which is the standout feature of this release, is pretty easy and intuitive as you can see in the video below. Simply drag one tab on top of another and you’ve created a stack. Hovering the mouse over a tab will cause the stack to expand in a visual preview. Clicking the arrow icon expands the current stack across the tab bar. This will no doubt prove a very popular tool for people who are used to having a dozen or more tabs open at once in a web browser.

Coming hot on the heels of the launch of its Android-flavoured mobile browser, Opera 11 also introduces extensions (something Firefox has had for quite some time). These browser add-ons will enhance the capabilities of Opera. In the three weeks since extensions debuted in the alpha release of Opera 11, more than 500,000 extensions have been downloaded. Developers are submitting between 10 and 20 new extensions each day. The full extension catalog is available here.

Another improvement is mouse gestures which provide an effective way to control Opera with a few simple mouse movements. Mouse gestures were introduced in Opera 5, and in Opera 11 a new visual interface highlights mouse paths and helps guide the discovery, use and mastery of these shortcuts. Plug-ins can now be set to load on-demand, giving as much as a 30 percent performance improvement, according to Opera.

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