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Online RadioPlayer Coming to UK in December


An iPlayer style online application called the RadioPlayer will be launched in the UK in December it has been announced.

The launch will be staggered, with around 50 stations available initially, and this will be increased to 200 with a full consumer launch in February 2011.

The radio player is backed by the BBC and a collective of commercial stations, and is intended to do for radio, what the iPlayer has done for TV.

However, the Radioplayer will be more like the forthcoming YouView platform due to the combination of BBC and commercial stations. It’s hoped that by creating a standard interface for radio, users will listen more often and for longer. Users will be able to search by station programme and genre, and favourites can be stored as pre-sets.

The service has already been demoed to UK radio industry figures as the annual Radio Festival in Salford, Manchester.

Michael Hill, managing director of UK Radioplayer, said: "This is a defining moment for UK radio and we hope all broadcast stations, of all sizes and types, will participate."

Tim Davie, director of BBC audio and music, said: "It is a result of genuine collaboration across the industry and is the sort of innovation we need to make digital radio a reality."

Earlier this week, the BBC announced that from December it will start to stream Radio 3 online at HD quality using 320Kbps AAC.

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