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Onkyo Unveils Entry Level Home Cinema Speaker Systems


Onkyo Unveils Entry Level Home Cinema Speaker Systems

Home theatre in a box systems seem to be growing ever more popular with manufacturers. Take Onkyo's newly announced HT-S5100, HT-S4100 (pictured) and HT-S3100 entry-level 7.1 setups, in the vein of LG's HT902TB - although the LG setup is only a 5.1 system.

All three are pretty much the same basic setup, with a few minor differences. The HT-5100 boasts three HDMI inputs and a single output, Dolby and DTS surround and, as mentioned, 7.1-channel output with 130W-per-channel using Onkyo's wide range amplifier technology and a 290W subwoofer. This particular system also offers Audyssey Dynamic Eq and 2EQ room correction technology which adjusts the audio settings on-the-fly to suit the volume and type of content being played.

Moving down, the HT-4100 and HT-3100 are 5.1-channel systems, the former boasting a 200W subwoofer with the latter's being powered by the receiver - implying it is a 130W offering. Onkyo cites them as of providing component video switching, implying that neither offers HDMI inputs.

Currently only available in the US, Onkyo is asking $579 (£290), $479 (£240) and $379 (£190) for the HT-5100, HT-4100 and HT-3100 respectively. If that pricing holds true for a UK release, Onkyo could have a winner on its hands.



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