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Onkyo Launches DV-BD606 Blu-ray Player


Onkyo Launches DV-BD606 Blu-ray Player

As one of HD DVD's supporters, Onkyo was no doubt a little perturbed about having to make the switch to Blu-ray but the launch of the DV-BD606 marks it doing just that. Hopefully it can live up to the same quality we've come to expect from its home cinema kit, like the TX-NR906 AV receiver.

Unsurprisingly the DV-BD606 boasts a 1,920 x 1,080 output with a 24fps mode via an HDMI 1.3 connection. The player is 'only' Profile 1.1 compliant, making it compatible with picture in picture playback, but not with the internet-connected functionality now being added to some discs.

Audio support is as good as possible though, with Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio both taken care of. Standard definition up-scaling is also part of the feature set, along with the playback of DivX content - pretty much a standard feature for such players now.

At £399, the Dv-BD606 is hardly a cheap player, but then the best kit, such as the Panasonic BD50 and Pioneer LX71, never is.

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