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Onkyo LS-V501 Home Cinema System Launches


Onkyo LS-V501 Home Cinema System Launches

Onkyo is known for its generally high-end kit, but this product is something that is more likely to appeal to Mr. Average. This is the LV-S501 universal DVD player and if looks alone are enough to sell you a product, Onkyo has the deal sewn up here.

Luckily the substance over style brigade will be equally interested. At base the LS-V501 is a simple 1080i-upscaling DVD player with 2.1-channel sound, Component and HDMI outputs. Look a bit closer and you'll also notice features such as DivX playback (from CD or DVD), a radio tuner and 24-bit and 14-bit DACs for audio and video decoding respectively.

The player is available either sans speakers or with a set supplied by Onkyo, which includes a 100W subwoofer and two satellites. Although the LS-V501 is a 2.1-channel outputting device, it will product ‘virtual' 5.1-channel effect if using the Onkyo-supplied speakers. Price wise you'll be looking at £400 or £600 with and without speakers respectively; hardly pocket change, but not extortionate. Hopefully we'll be getting a system in for review soon, so eyes peeled if you are interested.


LS-V501 Product Page.

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