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Olympus SZ-30MR Capture Stills And Video

David Gilbert


Olympus SZ-30MR Capture Stills And Video

Not content with giving us the 18x optical zoom SZ-10 last month, Olympus has now given us the 24x optical zoom SZ-30MR which can capture full HD video and still images at the same time.

The flagship SZ-30MR is joined by the less ambitious SZ-20 which has a optical zoom of 12.5x. However it will be the ability to capture video and stills simultaneously, which will make the SZ-30MR stand out from the crowd. This feature is made possible by the Dual Engine TruePic III+ image processor which allows 1080p video and 16 megapixel stills to be captured at the same time. However the flexibility doesn’t stop there as it will even allow for two different video modes to be shot at the same time, or even videos from two different angles at the same time.

You can also choose to shoot one 1080p movie and one lower resolution version, or mix and match the final appearance by employing different filters (from a choice of seven). It is even possible to take some movie footage from a still picture, as the camera automatically records footage before and after you take a photo. Both the SZ-30MR and SZ-20 feature a backlit CMOS sensor, dual image stabilisation, 3in displays, 3D shooting, i-Auto mode and face and pet detection, an ISO range of 80 to 3200, Eye-Fi compatibility and supports SDXC cards.

If you are looking to get your hands on the SZ-30MR to start taking pictures and video at the same time, it will be landing next month with a price tag of £299.99 while the SZ-20 will arrive at the same time but with a currently unknown price tag.

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