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Olympus Offers Up E-5 Flagship DSLR


Olympus Offers Up E-5 Flagship DSLR

While it took Olympus four years to replace the E-1 with the E-3, it’s been just two years for its successor the E-5 to come along.

The company’s new flagship DSLR now offers 720p video and a fully articulated 3in LCD, with 920,000 pixels, four times that of the one on the E-3. Live view can be used, or an optical viewfinder. It also offers multiple exposure shooting and 10 art modes. Once again, the large camera is housed in a rugged, splash-proof body, manufactured in thixomold magnesium alloy.

A Live MOS12.3 megapixel sensor captures the images and the a TruePic V+ chip processes the images. Olympus claims this delivers its best ever pictures with superbly accurate and natural colours and tones, even at ISO levels up to 6400.

Speed wise it can capture images at 5fps and Olympus claims the E-5 has the fastest AF speed in the world when coupled with the Zuiko Digital 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 lenses (24-120mm equivalent) and Supersonic Wave Drive Lens, thanks to the Twin cross type 11-point autofocus sensor. Naturally, Mechanical Image Stabilization is on hand too for, well, image stabilization, promising blur free images.

Video is de rigueur on stills cameras these days and the E5 offers 720p at 30 fps, with an integrated 3.5mm audio jack for capturing stereo audio.

Olympus has brought over the E-Pen's creative filters and ten of them are included here, Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light Color, Light Tone, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Cross Process and Gentle Sepia, and there’s a new one called Dramatic Tone, which deliberately applies unrealistic tones of light and shade. Moody.

The E-5 will arrive in eager punters hands in October and is priced at €1,699, so you can knock a bit off that to get the UK price.

Link: Olympus E5 US page.


September 15, 2010, 12:10 pm

obviously, the new E5 by Olympus is aim at the existing Olympus system users.

Pound for pound, or feature against feature, the new E5 cannot match up with the features that are being offered by either the Canon 7D or the Nikon D300s. Although the prices are very similar ($1700.00US) to the Canon 7D.

I wonder how it will perform? Cliff.

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