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Official Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots Leak

Gordon Kelly


Official Windows Mobile 6.5 Screenshots Leak

Please Microsoft, please tell me these are fakes...

Posted by user xaoc747 at the hyperactive XDA Developers' Forum are what appear to be the first official screenshots of the keenly anticipated and much needed upgrade: Windows Mobile 6.5. Now this should be great news, but potentially it really isn't.

The reason for this is they tie-in time perfectly with the other supposed Windows 6.5 image leaks we saw right back in November and they weren't very impressive either. In short, while very Zune-ish (the Zune UI is fine) they don't go anywhere near far enough in catching up the likes of the iPhone's mobile OS X, Google's Android or new contender the Palm Pre's Web OS while the browser UI is truly chill inducing.

Against this is the fact Windows Mobile 6.1 is desperately in need of an upgrade and this does look an improvement on that - just not enough of a one to catch the quantum leaps in usability made by the competition since then. Furthermore, if it is indeed true that both WM6.5 and pocket IE6 won't be offered to existing Windows Mobile 6.1 owners then this could all get rather ugly rather quickly.

Yes indeed Microsoft, you're currently in my good books for the super Windows 7 Beta (now my primary OS) but I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy looking at this.

Still, let's look on the positive side: they could be fakes...


via XDA Developers' Forum


January 30, 2009, 9:38 am

Great OS for traditional turn based strategy war gamers!

What did you expect?


January 30, 2009, 11:32 am

Love the analogy! Hmmmn, as I say Windows 7 had given me some hope...


January 30, 2009, 12:41 pm

The shots are for WinMo standard (non touch screen) so comparing to the iPhone and other touchscreen UIs is a bit pointless.


January 30, 2009, 3:00 pm

Nah, it must be a fake.

Microsoft are getting very keen with their coloured Windows logos.


January 30, 2009, 4:12 pm

I hope it is fake, it looks rubbish.

Neil 4

January 30, 2009, 4:48 pm

I do love TrustedReviews and have read the site for many years... But articles like this cause me to feel increasingly confused about what the site is trying to be.

Pure speculation such as this seems to be becoming more and more common. Maybe this is interesting to some of the readers, but it's already widely available on so many other tech sites. Plus the other sites tend to be much quicker at reporting on things like this. (Most of the other sites covered this particular story yesterday.) If you're going to compete with the likes of The Register (and why bother - you were carving your own niche quite nicely at one stage) then you're going to have to get faster to be competitive.

Though as a loyal reader I'd personally suggest your article review process sticks more rigidly to only allowing articles that really are "Trusted Reviews" - that's why I visit, not for widespread industry gossip. But that's just me, maybe I'm the minority!


January 30, 2009, 5:06 pm

I agree Neil. Keep the respected web name of 'Trusted Reviews' and don't make us rename our TR quick links to 'Speculative Gossip Website'. Stick to what you are good at guys, there are too many websites on the internet for unsubstantiated 'facts'. Don't get lost amongst them.


January 30, 2009, 5:58 pm

@Neal, @PStar,.. Was the subject not descriptive enough?, nobody forced you to read the story, The Register may have had it yesterday too, but because I don't go there and don't want to, without TR I wouldn't have seen M$ lovely looking UI.


January 30, 2009, 6:36 pm


...well, engadget has the rumours market well and truly cornered, but a bit on here now and again doesn't hurt. I actually wouldn't mind more industry gossip...perhaps a third column :)


January 30, 2009, 7:44 pm

@Neil - to be fair, it's more about sometimes bringing to your attention what the buzz is around the web. I think that mixing things up now and again is better than dry product spec after product spec and endless financials (during which time most product news stops anyhow).

Ultimately it's a tricky one. TR has a broader scope than most other tech sites so it's virtually impossible to please everyone. Just pick and choose what interests you guys, I won't be offended :)


January 30, 2009, 9:59 pm

I heard this was a software beta tested out by reflashing the ROM on winmo 6.1 hardware. The 6.5 hardware will be considerably faster, especially with regard to graphics rendering. This is one of the reasons it is unlikely 6.5 wll be an update for most if not all current 6.1 phones.

Fingers crossed HTC Touch HD is capable...that is an amazing phone let down by archaic software!


January 31, 2009, 12:25 pm

I fear MS "improvements" I have V6.1 PRO (for prostituted presumably) on T.Mobiles' new Vario 1V (finally available AND in stock)I am staggered at the decision to delete the ability to FORWARD a text message, let alone failing to incorperate SEND TO MANY a much needed improvement and I have yet to discover why text messages only display the sending texters number and not their name, even when they are in Contacts, I will continue to spend even more hours on that aspect, but I am not hopeful.

I have to conclude MS engineers don't send each other funnies or utilise consumer panels.

I now strongly suspect my phone is going back to T.Mobile before the seventh and final day of judgement, strictly in accordance with their T & Cs of course.

@Keith, well said sir! @ Gordon, nicely put.


February 6, 2009, 7:36 am

I will have to eat crow on this one, the ability to FORWARD a text message, it can be done by clicking REPLY first, this convinces me though that MS lives on a different planet, or they run courses in Subverting Logic and How To Hide Essential Stuff along with the Powerpoint presentation, We Have A Monopoly.

The other moral just maybe, always read the thirty page manual on How To Make Calls etc, even if it puts you to sleep before you get to The End.

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