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Official: Nintendo R4 Cards Are Illegal


Official: Nintendo R4 Cards Are Illegal

It looks like it’s the end of the line for the popular R4 cards for Nintendo DS and DSi, after a high court judge ruled that they were illegal. It is now no longer legal to import, advertise, or sell the R4 card in the UK.

The R4 cards enables many games to be stored and played directly from a card that slots into the DS hand-held, and was widely used to play pirated games.

The defendants, a Playables Limited and Wait Dat Chan, argued that the devices were legal as they permitted the use of ‘homebrew applications’, but the judge, Justice Lloyd, was not sympathetic to their claims.

“"The mere fact that the device can be used for a non-infringing purpose is not a defence," read his ruling.

Nintendo declared itself satisfied with the verdict, stating it was "pleased that the court was not persuaded by the defendant's arguments, claiming that game copiers are lawful, as they allow for the play of 'homebrew' applications.”

The writing was on the wall for the R4 cards in the UK, as the judge was following a similar ruling in the Netherlands in July.

The ruling is a timely one for Nintendo, as it preps the 3D enabled Nintendo 3DS, due for release in the UK next year.

Link: Nintendo UK

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