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Ofcom Cuts PAC Code Transfers to One Working Day

Gordon Kelly


Ofcom Cuts PAC Code Transfers to One Working Day

If you've ever tried switching network provider (and I suspect that's the majority), then I suspect you'll have encountered the unimaginable horror of trying to get your mobile phone number transferred. Well fear no longer...

On the same day at it announced sweeping cuts to Mobile Termination Rates Ofcom has further gone up in our estimation by enforcing a 'one working day' time limit on providers to get this task done.

"Our research shows that over 70 per cent of consumers want to keep their mobile number when they switch providers," said Ofcom CEO Ed Richards. "Reducing the time it takes to transfer a mobile number to one working day, and enabling consumers to obtain a PAC quickly, means consumers will be able to switch provider more easily without the costs or inconvenience of changing their number."

Ofcom took just six weeks to come to this conclusion (trust me that's fast, investigations can take years). At present the way PACs (Porting Authorisation Codes) are issued varies considerably between providers and many even insist on sending them out by post just to try and stall the process.

The new ruling comes into effect in "the first half of 2011". So if you signed a new mobile contract in recent months know it'll be a snap to get out of come the end. Furthermore, knowing this could well land you a rather nice renegotiation deal...


Ofcom Official Statement

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