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OCZ Onyx Is First SSD Under $100

Gordon Kelly


OCZ Onyx Is First SSD Under $100

It may not be a rampaging powerhouse, but has this SSD just broken important new ground thanks to OCZ?

The increasingly influential solid state drive manufacturer has today boosted its lines with the release of the ‘Onyx’ series. It doesn’t offer breakneck speeds and it isn’t particularly capacious, but it does become the first SSD we’ve seen to break the magical $100 (£66) barrier.

So what do you get for this meagre outlay? A 32GB MLC NAND based drive with 64MB of cache and read and write speeds of 125MB/sec and 70MB/sec respectively. Yes this is nothing spectacular in SSD terms, but the ballistic access times of an SSD should make it perform far quicker than any HDD you can put it against.

Consequently, ideal uses would include fitting it into a netbook or older (SATA sporting) laptop to deliver an immediate speed boost or hooking it up as a boot drive in a desktop configuration. Either way, hopping on the SSD bandwagon has never been so affordable.

Furthermore, OCZ is keen to stress that just because the Onyx is cheap that doesn’t mean it will have the lifespan of an average Marks & Spencer sandwich and claims a huge 1.5m hour mean time before failure (MTBF) rate and backs this up with a three year warranty.

Yes, you could do a lot worse...


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