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OCZ Neutrino 'DIY' Netbook Revealed


OCZ Neutrino 'DIY' Netbook Revealed

Following on from OCZ's line of DIY notebooks, the company has launched what it's calling its DIY netbook. The Neutrino isn't quite as customisable as its 'real' laptop siblings, but for those willing to plug a few components into their sub-notebook it should offer an interesting alternative to the rest of the market.

The Neutrino will come from OCZ lacking RAM, a hard drive and an operating system, which will then all have to be installed by the end user. Otherwise the system is your standard 10.2in netbook, with a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1,024 x 600 pixel display a pair of USB ports and an ExpressCard slot.

Obviously primary among the benefits is that OCZ isn't charging for an XP license - which Microsoft is subsidising the cost of only on certain specs of netbook. OCZ will happily sell the Neutrino with 2GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD drive or a 500GB mechanical drive. Upgrading these components of course won't void the system's warranty.

Hopefully OCZ will sell the Neutrino in the UK and will get the barebones pricing right. If it does, it could be into a winner.




March 6, 2009, 6:40 pm

Have to say, I rather like the idea of this.


March 6, 2009, 8:51 pm

If the base spec model comes in at less than a ton they might have a good seller on their hands.


March 7, 2009, 10:26 pm

If you want XP... this could make for very bad value once you add on the cost of windows?

Panayiotis Kaldis

March 11, 2009, 3:33 pm

Assuming you have a spare XP license somewhere, it makes sense. It makes more sense since you can specify 2GB RAM and the HDD capacity in the first place, without going through upgrades and ditching the initial hardware. Not a bad idea, if it's priced reasonably.


March 15, 2009, 5:51 pm

If it launches in Singapore I'd probably get it if it's price isn't terribly inflated like most electronics in Singapore.

!#%@#$, how does a Nokia 5800 cost S$850++?!

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