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OCZ Announces Elixir Keyboard

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OCZ's bread and butter may be memory of various types, such as DDR3 RAM or the (absolutely awesome) OCZ 64GB SATA II SSD, but its latest Alchemy range takes a different direction. Débuting with the Elixir keyboard, the Alchemy line of gaming products is, in theory at least, intended to offer gamers decent peripherals, without a huge price tag.

As budget keyboards go, the Elixir appears pretty well-endowed feature wise. Foremost are ten tri-way programmable macro keys (in effect giving 30 in total), media player controls and pop-up shortcut menu. We're not sure how the latter will work exactly, but it sounds intriguing. The keys are all rubber-coated, which should ensure they're comfortable to use, as well as offering better grip than just plastic.

Eugene Chang, Product Manager OCZ's Technology Group commented on the Alchemy range's launch saying:

"The new Alchemy line from OCZ is designed to offer gamers quality gaming solutions that deliver both exceptional performance and value. Just because gamers have a budget doesn't mean they shouldn't enjoy premium gaming features, and our first Alchemy solution the Elixir gaming keyboard is designed with quality ergonomics and offers efficient game-play with programmable macro keys."

With an MSRP of just $29.99 (~£15) the Elixir definitely qualifies as budget-friendly. There isn't really a compelling gaming keyboard in that price range that I can think of, so if OCZ comes good on its promise it should be onto a winner with the Elixir.


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