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O2 Unveils Pre-Pay 'Money' Cards, Reveals TG01 Virus

Gordon Kelly


O2 Unveils Pre-Pay 'Money' Cards, Reveals TG01 Virus

Recklessly irresponsible with your cash? This might just be the answer...

O2 is stepping into the financial services with the launch of 'O2 Money', in effect pre-paid Visa cards. The endeavour (in partnership with NatWest) will enable users to 'pre-pay' cash onto them then use them as you would a normal Visa card, ie recklessly (but now with a limit).

O2's angle is that every time you make a purchase you will receive a text message alert (if you're on O2) and the service will be offered to all existing O2 customers free. It can also be used to top up O2 Pay & Go mobiles.

"O2 has a strong and successful track record of innovation and O2 Money will represent a launch pad into a wide range of mobile banking services," said O2 CEO Ronan Dunne. "We believe that we are at the start of a journey towards the coming together of the phone and the wallet and we intend, through O2 money, to be at the forefront of this trend. This launch represents an important step towards O2 becoming a leading service provider with mobile at its core."

The move - which could become popular with parents looking to keep their kids on a tight leash (not literally... I hope) - is seen as the first step towards integrating mobile phones and financial payments. O2 recently trialled a Near Field Communication (NFC) pilot (think Oyster cards) so its intended direction is clear if it can get manufacturer backing.

In related news O2 Germany has had to temporarily cancel sales of the Toshiba TG01 after stocks became infected with a virus. The cause of the virus isn't known and replacements will be shipped to any customers who accidentally received a faulty device. The virus isn't thought to cause any major damage and is believed to be limited to O2 stock.

That said, if this makes you reconsider purchasing this horrendously unresponsive and UI crippled handset then I consider it job done. Sorry Toshiba, it's beautiful hardware but horrible software.


O2 Money

Kris Didymus

January 26, 2010, 1:21 pm

I had one. Until Saturday.


Firstly, on the 22nd December I was on my way down to Cornwall for a family funeral AND Christmas when my O2 Money card was suddenly and unexpectedly retained by a cashier in a service station. The card had, apparently, been reported stolen.

So I call O2 Money on 10202. They'd carried out a "general review" of my account and decided to close it. No warning. No Notice.

And, for me, no money over the entire Christmas period. Just a promise that they'd post a cheque to me within 28 days for the full balance of my card.

So I speak to Daniel Walton at O2, a "Senior Customer Advisor" who tells me a security restriction had closed my account but having reviewed my account he was going to re-open it and send me out another O2 Money Card. He even gave me £20 compensation.

Great. Or so I thought.

He wrote to me on the 5th January and said, IN WRITING, that I wouldn't experience any further account closures unless I reported a fraud.

On the 22nd January, I couldn't load my card. You guessed it, my account was suspended again. And the security department don't work weekends so there was nothing I could do.

Well, there WAS. I told them where they could stick their O2 Money card. And I advise anybody reading this to do the same.


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