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O2 Reveals iPhone 4 Tariffs, Scraps 'Unlimited' Data

Gordon Kelly


O2  Reveals iPhone 4 Tariffs, Scraps 'Unlimited' Data

O2 seems really keen to cement its role as the network-we-all-love-to-hate...

Today it has broken cover and become the first UK carrier to provide details of its iPhone 4 tariffs. Given it faces more rivalry than ever before with T-Mobile and 3 joining existing Apple partners Vodafone and Orange you'd think they'd have to be pretty good, right? Wrong...

What the table below shows is all tariffs are largely in line with existing iPhone 3GS deals though with two vital omissions: firstly the cost of the handset itself on either PAYG or with a long term contract, and secondly the disappearance of O2's 'unlimited' data bundles.

Once more I'd expect handset costs to be in line with O2's current 3GS pricing with PAYG at £449 and £549 for 32GB versions. What is more controversial is data because, in all fairness to O2, it was one of the more generous networks when it came to caps having scrapped its fair usage policy in 2007. Now what we return to is a system of contract dependent allowances ranging from 500MB to 1GB per month and an unavoidable charge of £5 for every 500MB used after that (£10 per 1GB for those on 1GB caps).

Worse is you'll need to shell out at least £40 per month on any long term contract to get more than a 500MB allowance in the first place and even £65pm contracts offer no flexibility above 1GB. This is particularly frustrating since the multi-tasking functionality of the iPhone 4 (and coming to 3GS owners) will allow data hungry apps like Spotify or TuneIn Radio to run in the background meaning caps can be surpassed far more easily.

Whether other networks will adjust their policies to fall in line with O2's new rates or to try and better them remains to be seen...

In related news O2 has given customers stuck on existing iPhone contracts an out charging them a flat rate of £20pm for each remaining month of their deals. If you bought a 3GS on its first month of release you'll still have six months left meaning £120 to trigger your upgrade entitlement. Yes, it's not cheap - but at least you have the option...


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