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O2 Launches 20Mbit Broadband From £10pm

Gordon Kelly


O2 Launches 20Mbit Broadband From £10pm

While Virgin Media stole the headlines this week with its long anticipated 50Mbit cable broadband service the DSL providers haven't been slow in hitting back. Firstly Be announced its 48 Mbit bonded ADSL2+ product and now daddy O2 is winning hearts and minds by appealing to our wallets...

Scoring something of a price precedent the ambitious telco and ISP has announced a 20Mbit package with 1.3Mbit upload and unlimited usage allowance for a meagre £9.79 per month for O2 customers or £14.68pm for users on other networks. Dubbed 'O2 Home Broadband Premium' it will top things off with a 24/7 UK based customer service centre.

Also causing something of a stir is 'O2 Home Broadband Pro' which offers a 20Mbit connection with 2.5Mbit upload, unlimited usage allowance, a free static IP address and wireless n router plus priority 24/7 UK tech support. This bundle will set you back £17.13pm or £22.02pm - again depending on whether you're an existing O2 mobile customer or not (gotta love these messy 15 per cent VAT prices, my '9' key is so relieved).

For those on a budget, 'O2 Home Standard' (8Mbit download, 1.3Mbit upload) may also appeal at £7.34pm with a free wireless g router but at less than £2.50pm cheaper you have to say Premium has the distinct edge.

All packages are available now and with the creditus crunchitus taking large bites from our backsides they could prove one of the smarter purchases you'll make this year.


O2 Home Broadband


December 22, 2008, 2:12 pm

I'm interested to know how these packages differ from the BE standard packages.? Are they both ASDL2+ ?

I'm on the &#16318 / month BE Tariff but am (thanks to my iPhone) an O2 customer.

It would seem as if these packages are better value, but am I jumping to a technology that is likely to offer lower / more congested speeds.?


December 22, 2008, 3:54 pm

You know what would be really great, if the speeds of my current ADSL package were met first. It's all fine and dandy quoting these speeds, but you can bet your bottom dollar your not going to get them. I'm on an 8MBit, but it's very rare I get that, more like 2Mbit, if that.


December 22, 2008, 4:49 pm

@ Keith - You said it! This should be made illegal along with describing a service as 'unlimited' when it is nothing of the sort. Sites like TR's could be championing this cause. If a product is sold as 8MBit, then this should be the minimum speed one can expect, not a theoretical maximum depending on your distance from the server.

I'm on an 8MBit connection too, the fastest speeds i've seen have been 700 kb/s download for flashes of time (very rare & brief periods), then is settles at anywhere between 50-250 kb/s depending on the site. So I reckon I get on average a 2-4 MBit service.


December 22, 2008, 5:04 pm

I switched from Be to O2 - pretty sure they didnt have to change anything at the exchange (didnt have any disconnection downtime).

I am getting identical speeds - its just cheaper with O2.

Not sure about the adsl2+, but doesnt affect me cos i only get 5mb anyway.


December 22, 2008, 11:28 pm

sucks for you lot (not gloating) I must be very lucky, with sky i have gotten consistently good speeds, cant remember what it is advertised at but i get 1500kbs at the very top end, but usually sit about 1.1-1.3 mbps (different programs give me diff results they could even be the same just dont have the energy to work it out)

This o2 deal looks so good, I may have to pick this up in the near future.

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