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O2 Considers Unlocking iPhones

Gordon Kelly


O2 Considers Unlocking iPhones

It looks like the arrival of the iPhone on Orange and Vodafone could have a second, initially unnoticed, benefit...

O2 is considering changing its position on unlocking iPhones at the end of a user's contract. Previously the network had no need/obligation to legally unlock the handsets since it was the sole network to offer them. Now the Orange and Vodafone deals mean O2 could come under extreme pressure once a user completes their contract.

Speaking to The Register an O2 spokesperson explained: "we did not offer unlocking at the end of a customer's iPhone contract as we had the exclusive contract for the iPhone in the UK. Obviously, that situation has changed... and we are currently working through what will happen."

Unlike France, there is no legal ruling that handsets must be unlocked by networks at the end of their contract (though there should be), but it would be nice to see O2 get some press for the right reasons for a change.

On the other hand, judging by reader reaction to the Orange and Vodafone iPhone deals, it appears a large percentage of you have had enough of O2 and if the network unlocked your handset you'd probably just be off even faster. Still, following the Ofcom exposure of O2's limited 3G coverage coupled with some worryingly frequent data outages who could blame you...?


via The Register

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