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Nvidia To Build Custom CPUs Based On ARM

David Gilbert


Nvidia To Build Custom CPUs Based On ARM

In what is a new venture for both ARM and Nvidia, Project Denver will see an Nvidia-designed, high performance Core based on ARM architecture that will be used in high end computers, supercomputers, servers and cloud computing.

ARM has seen its star rise rapidly in recent years with its technology used widely in mobile phones and more recently in tablets but it has not ventured into the high-end market before. Conversely, Nvidia technology can be seen in a wide range of devices from mobile devices (using ARM technology) to supercomputers (using x86 technology). The existence of Project Denver has been rumoured for a long time but exactly what it was going to be was not know until today. This initiative features an Nvidia CPU running the ARM instruction set, which will be fully integrated on the same chip as the Nvidia GPU. In addition to the high-end CPU partnership, Nvidia also licensed ARM’s current Cortex-A15 processor for its future-generation Tegra mobile processors.

Speaking about Project Denver and especially its partnership with ARM, Nvidia CEO, President and Co-Founder, Jen-Hsun Huang said: “At the moment energy around ARM is absolutely enormous and if you, as a software developer, are not working with ARM, you have you head in the sand,” adding that ARM is “pervasive and open.”

As he finished the press conference Huang hinted that Microsoft could well be about to adopt the ARM architecture but he said he would leave that for them to announce – though we probably won’t have to wait long for that announcement.

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