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Nvidia Says Tegra 2 Netbooks, Smartbooks & Smartphones in 2010

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Nvidia Says Tegra 2 Netbooks, Smartbooks & Smartphones in 2010

Other than the Zune HD, there has been little to show for all the good work Nvidia has put into its Tegra mobile platform, but that hasn't put it off in the slightest.

“At CES we are going to make a major announcement about Tegra family," said Nvidia senior VP of investor relations and commutations Michael Hara. "It is highly possible that we will see some very interesting form-factors coming out at the same time."

"{There will be products} shown by our partners using the next-generation Tegra device," he continued. "You are going to see roll-outs and deployments of tablet PCs, smartbooks, netbooks, MIDs throughout the first half {of 2010}; and then you will see major roll-outs of smartphones in the second half."

This is quite a declaration given Tegra's slow start to life, but you'd have to think Nvidia has a trick or two up its sleeve to make such a comment. What will Tegra 2 bring? We know little other than that it will be fabricated at 40nm and Internet chatter is that it will perform up to twice as fast as its predecessor, presumably with equal if not less power requirements.

That said, Tegra itself is no slouch. It is capable of HD video playback and during my brief time with an Zune HD at a recent Nvidia event I found its performance to be even faster than that of the current generation iPod touch.

Can Nvidia fulfil its bold claim? We'll be on the ground at CES in January to let you know...


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