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Nvidia Delays Fermi Until March

Gordon Kelly


Nvidia Delays Fermi Until March

While there is much excitement about the next generation Fermi graphics chip that Nvidia unveiled back in October, the rather more sobering fact is the company appears to be struggling to deliver it.

DigiTimes reports Nvidia now plans to have its first Fermi-based graphics cards ready in March. This is the second delay after it pushed the original November 2009 launch back to January 2010. Fermi cards will be fabricated at 40nm, making them faster and more efficient, use GDDR5 memory and also support DirectX 11.

The problem for Nvidia is that ATI is expected to have its comparable 40nm graphics cards ready in late January/early February. This rather turns the tables, since Nvidia would have beaten ATI out of the traps by a considerable margin had it managed to hit its original November launch target. Now it will be lagging behind.

DigiTimes reports Nvidia has declined to comment on unannounced products while ATI has kept quiet so far which suggests these reports aren't far off the money. That said, the duo use more NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) between them than the rest of the tech industry combined so we wouldn't expect a public statement anyway.

If you work for ATI or Nvidia then we wish you a Happy New Year, because I suspect free time over Christmas was rather short-lived.


via DigiTimes

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