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Nvidia Could Announce 3D Tegra 2.5 At MWC

David Gilbert


Nvidia Could Announce 3D Tegra 2.5 At MWC [Updated]

In a recent podcast we mused as to what could be coming down the line in terms of mobile phones following the launch at CES this year of the Superphone. While one quick-witted commenter pointed out that the obvious next step was the Megaphone, it could in reality be the Superphone 3D.

Leaked slides from Nvidia’s up coming presentation at Mobile World Congress next month suggest that it will be coming out with an updated version of the Tegra 2 processor which will be 3D compatible. With the prospect of everything mobile going 3D in 2011, it seems like a pretty safe and smart move by Nvidia and the added clock speed will keep those not enamored by 3D happy too. The slide suggest that the T25 chip will go into production soon and will be shipping to OEMs by the end of Q1 at the latest.

3D mobile phones and tablets were the glaring exception from CES this year where everything else including the kitchen sink was in the third dimension. However last week we reported that LG’s upcoming tablet is rumoured to be 3D and with these very official looking slides, we could be only a matter of months away from seeing a 3D mobile phone. Nintendo's 3DS, launched last week, will bring 3D mobile gaming to the masses and no doubt mobile phone manufacturers will want to follow suit soon to try and hold onto the casual gamers it has converted in recent years.

At CES, TechEye spoke to a spokesperson from Master Image, which produces the TN-LCD display that uses cell parallax technology to create 3D images, and he said that OEMs were very excited about its technology and this could indicate a slew of mobile 3D gadgets coming soon. The cell parallax technology is different from the parallel barrier technology Nintendo uses in its 3DS.

While there have also been rumours that Nvidia could unveil Tegra 3 at MWC, it seems more likely that the 3D compatible T25 will be the major announcement and whether we like it or not, our next handset could have images jumping out of the screen at us.

Update: We said above that the possibility of hearing about Tegra 3 at MWC was unlikely, well it seems we could be wrong. The full slide (similar to the one above) has now been leaked and shows up Nvidia's road map for 2011 including a 1.5GHz, quad-core, Blu-ray supporting, mobile SOC. Slated to be in devices as early Autumn of this year, the Ultra Low Power (ULP) processor is getting us very excited here.

Source: TechEye

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