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NuevaSync Cloud Service to Best MobileMe

Gordon Kelly


NuevaSync Cloud Service to Best MobileMe

The NuevaSync cloud synchronisation service has long done many things right. It out Google's Google Sync and now it looks set to outdo MobileMe...

This week sees NeuvaSync add much requested remote wipe functionality meaning users can destroy all data on their handsets from the company's website should it be lost or stolen. The command is also sent to the handset in less than a second and should the handset be switched off/out of battery the wipe will occur the moment it is turned on.

Rather cleverly the wipe instruction can be cancelled at any time before it is carried out. Meanwhile a CAPTCHA requirement should stop the more blundering from doing it accidentally. Remote wipe functionality is for premium users ($25/year, available internationally) and adds to push synchronisation for email, Cloud syncing of up to 50 calendars, tasks sync, dedicated servers and priority tech support. The free service offers Cloud contacts sync plus up to 11 calendars.

Where NeuvaSync really excels however is - unlike Google Sync, which restricts users to Gmail accounts, MobileMe being iPhone only, etc - it works with any email service and virtually all mobile phone platforms including iPhone OS (+ iPod touch), BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, Palm's web OS, Symbian, Android, Maemo and even the likes of Pocket PC 2003!

Expect Google Sync, MobileMe, Microsoft's My Phone, Vodafone 360 and the rest to all fight back with new features of their own over the coming months, though it will be hard to see how any of them can be as platform neutral as NeuvaSync.



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