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Notion Ink Adam Is Seen Working In Videos

David Gilbert


Notion Ink Adam Videos Released

Its been a pretty strange start to life for the Notion Ink Adam – a 10in tablet which runs Android over layed with its own Eden UI. Pre-order sales began earlier this month on December 9 without any real indication of how the Adam looked or worked.

Following a lot of outcry from those looking to order the Adam, Notion Ink has finally released two videos showing the device in action. In addition, Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan, deemed it necessary to answer the questions of some of his most outspoken critics. He answered the questions of readers of the AndroidPolice forum who had previously questioned the existence of the product.

The Notion Ink Adam comes in a variety of models ranging in price from $375 for a basic model with an LCD screen and WiFi, up to $550 for the 3G model with a Pixel Qi screen. All models boast a dual core Tegra 2 processor and will run Android - Gingerbread out of the box with Honeycomb to come later. On the Notion Ink site it says the two Pixel Qi models are sold out with eight to 12 week shipping time for the other models.

Initially shipping dates of early January were mooted for this device but this has been pushed back to at earliest February even for those who pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago. The cost of the basic model including shipping to the UK is $425 (£275). Shravan has indicated that deals have been done with retailers in the UK to sell its devices in their stores though which retailers is still unknown.

The videos released by Notion Ink are not very good quality and lack any voice over (plus the text disappears from the screen as quickly as it appears). Given the amount of time they had to produce this video, it seems a shame they haven’t made something better looking. The video shows the multi-taksing capabilities of the Adam and the apps which will be available on the device on shipment including: Complete Office Suite, Custom Browser, Email Client (Mail’d), Maps, Calculator, Calendar, Media Application, File Browser, Snipping App, Facebook App, Chat Client, Canvas (drawing and photo editing), weather application and E-book application.

The Android Market will not be included initially on the Adam: “Android Market makes sense only after Honeycomb which will support higher resolution and bigger screen.” And as for Honeycomb, the founder of Notion Ink also confirmed the Eden UI will continue to be used even when Honeycomb has been released.

Source: AndroidPolice

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