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Nokia Will Make a Comeback Claims Beleaguered CEO


Nokia Will Make a Comeback Claims Beleaguered CEO

The Finnish mobile phone giant will get back to the top of the pile in smartphones, and its upcoming Symbian^3 based N8 will help it get there, Nokia’s chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo has said.

Speaking to investment analysts earlier this week to explain a 32 per cent drop is operating profits, Kallasvuo was attempting to install some confidence that it can reverse its recent downturn in fortunes.

“Nokia will make a comeback at the higher end of the smartphone market,” he said. “We are approaching the end of this painful product transition at the high end of our product portfolio. Delivering the N8, with a high-quality user experience, will mark the beginning of our renewal. We will achieve our potential and regain high-end leadership in our industry.”

Kallasvuo admitted that Nokia has essentially been too big and slow to compete in the challenging US market. ““Frankly, we have been trying many times {to succeed in the US}, but it has turned out to be a painful experience; but the learning is here. Symbian earlier generations have not been, from a time-to-market point of view, fast enough in getting over that hurdle. It’s meant we have missed some time windows.”

However there is still some potential for confusion for consumers. Kallasvuo believes that Nokia will sell 50 million Symbian phones, but will also use its Meego OS for high-end handsets.

This is in contrast to Apple with its single OS and while different Android manufactures are using different point releases, all handsets are based on the same focused OS.

Will the N8 put Nokia back in the game for high-end handsets – or is it already too late? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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