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Nokia Takes 40 Per Cent of Phone Market

Gordon Kelly


Nokia Takes 40 Per Cent of Phone Market

Hats off to the incredible Finns...

Nokia has just turned in some truly head spinning results. Its Q4 figures see it make net sales of €15.7bn, an incredible 34 per cent up on the €11.7bn produced in the same period in 2006. Profit skyrocketed too from Q4 2006's €1.5bn to €2.49bn, a leap of 64 per cent.

Net sales for the full financial year were just as impressive too, totalling a monstrous €51bn, 24 per cent more the €41.1bn in 2006 with operating profit up a stonking 46 per cent to €7.98bn from €5.48bn.

To put these in some perspective, let's compare them firstly with Motorola. In terms of sheer profit alone, Nokia's mobile phone division make €1.85bn, Motorola lost $388m. If you want a giggle, the world's most talked about handset, the iPhone sold 2.3m units during Q4 - during the same period Nokia sold 133.5m phones!

What all this means is hugely significant too because, despite floundering a few years back, Nokia has now taken 40.2 per cent of the entire mobile phone market for the first time in its history. This virtually equals the market shares of LG (7.1 per cent), Sony Ericsson (9.3 per cent), Motorola (12.3 per cent) and Samsung (14 per cent) combined.

"Nokia's excellent fourth quarter contributed to a year of high growth and increased profitability for the company, said Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. "Facing a market that remains intensely competitive, we are continuing to improve our leading device portfolio as well as execution at Nokia Siemens Networks. With this we believe Nokia is well positioned for growth in 2008."

Scarily in all this, it could be argued Nokia's handsets in 2007 didn't really hit the high notes we expected and we gave its models just two Recommended Awards (to the E51 {above, left} and 6300 {above, right}) during the entire 12 months. Given that we expect Nokia to deliver far superior products in 2008 the competition would be best advised to duck and cover...


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