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Nokia Regains 40% Mobile Phone Market Share

Gordon Kelly


Nokia Regains 40% Mobile Phone Market Share

No-one saw this coming...

Following dull phone after dull phone (with the odd exception), Nokia has suddenly posted monstrous profits and marketshare gains in its Q4 results this week.

Highlights are a 65 per cent leap in net income to 948m euros on Q4 2008 plus a (proportionately) huge increase in industry mobile phone marketshare, jumping from 35 per cent just last quarter to near its best ever holding at exactly 40 per cent. Handset sales? That was a massive 126.9m units in three months - which should put into perspective the total iPhone sales of circa 20m in three years.

"Our focus remains firmly on execution, especially around user experience," said Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. "Here I want to highlight our move to shake up the navigation market with free walk and drive navigation on our smartphones, a good example of how we are leveraging our assets to bring real benefits to consumers."

I'll admit, making turn-by-turn Ovi Maps free was an excellent idea (if one already pulled by Google in Android - to a much more limited scale), but I'd rather see Nokia talk-up actual smartphone OS navigation than directions. Symbian still lacks a decent touchscreen interface and while Maemo in the N900 (pictured) shows promise the company seems strangely cautious of rolling it out on other less humongous models.

Then again, based on these figures, what do I know...?!


Nokia Official Press Release

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