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Nokia Pulls Plans For X7 Launch

David Gilbert


It seems to be one step forward, one step backwards for Nokia in smartphone terms. Yesterday we had confirmation that Nokia will be shipping its business-orientated E7 in a few weeks but today we hear that the expected February launch of the sleek looking X7 in the U.S. has been pulled.

Nokia has told the Wall Street Journal that is will not now be launching the X7 next month because of concerns over support the phone would receive from the chosen carrier, AT&T. The ever-secretive “people familiar with the situation” told the WSJ the cancelled launch was due to concerns that the X7 would not receive sufficient marketing and subsidies support from AT&T in order to make its mark in the competitive US market. Nokia is currently struggling to stand still in the smartphone marketplace behind Apple, RIM and Android devices.

However the planned launch in other regions is still expected to go ahead the sources told the WSJ, which I guess is good news for us here in Europe though we have no idea when that will be. We saw the device in the wild last November when a video was leaked of the X7 running Need For Speed Shift. Specs for the phone are thin on the ground but we believe it will run Symbian^3, have a 4in touchscreen and an 8 megapixel rear camera. The phone tapers at both ends giving it a compact look and includes four speakers to boost its multimedia and gaming credentials.

Nokia will obviously be hoping that MeeGo will make the difference and catapult it back to the top of the smartphone maket though with its history we won't be placing any bets yet.

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