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Nokia N96 Given Dedicated TV Channel

Gordon Kelly


Nokia N96 Given Dedicated TV Channel

Nokia clearly loves its impending and terrifyingly expensive Nokia N96 and having already secured the multimedia beasty a deal with BBC iPlayer the company has set about something even more ambitious...

'Capsule N96' will be a unique mobile TV channel designed exclusively for the flagship handset offering entertainment and lifestyle programming with bespoke listings and a focus on motoring, fashion, gadgets, comedy, culture and homes.

Interestingly, as fits its mobile nature, all Capsule N96 programmes will be packed into just 96 seconds meaning users get truly bite-sized content they can access on the move and not bloated programming that takes forever to download.

An initial six programmes will be provided:

  • 'Cabin Fever', presented by Fifth Gear's Jonny Smith

  • 'Portfolio', fashion sense given by Margo Stilley

  • 'Pulse', hosted by designer and culture vulture Wayne Hemingway

  • 'Byte-Wize', a gadget show fronted by David Phelan (unnecessary - you read TR!)

  • 'Power Pads', a Cribs and interior design inspired show presented by Ben de Lisi

  • and 'Funnyhaha', which promises oddness unprecedented as it features a comedy set inside the mind of drag queen celeb and creator Jonny Woo
Capsule N96 programmes will launch on 1 October, with new 'mobisodes' (hope that doesn't catch on) available to download weekly until the end of November.

A runaway hit or simply - in the words of Monty Python: Ruuuun Awaaaaay! We'll know in little over a week...


Capsule N96


September 25, 2008, 4:27 pm

rather similar to 3. they have their own channel as well and of course, you cant be bothered to watch anything there unless you are really bothered...

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