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Nokia N900: N97 Follow-up Revealed

Gordon Kelly


Nokia N900: N97 Follow-up Revealed

There was a general feeling of disappointment at TrustedReviews when we got our hands on the Nokia N97, it has a desperate sense of 'catch up'. But this doesn't...

Mobile Review has managed to grab some hands-on time with a model called the Nokia 'N900' and it believes this will eventually replace the N97. So what do we learn?

We get a lot of core specs: 800 x 480 pixel resistive touchscreen, 5MP Carl Zeiss camera, 32GB of native memory plus a 32GB compatible microSDHC slot, HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, a 1320 mAh battery and - importantly - a faster ARM Cortex-A8 chipset (the same used in the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS).

Perhaps more importantly however is the N900 will run Linux/Maemo 5 with an overhauled finger friendly UI and what we hear are "visual effects, smooth transitions and decent reaction time" that "feels more like the Apple iPhone" (even if its appearance is in the style of HTC). The browser also supports flash, video and applets (take that BlackBerry 2010 flash support) and there's TV-out.

Surprisingly, Mobile Review also has a release timeframe and price for the Nokia N900: Q4 and a reasonable 550 euros sim free, though it warns these are subject to change. So if Ovi can get its act together by then Nokia really looks like it could be back in the high end smartphone game...


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