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Nokia N8 Faces Further Delays


Nokia N8 Faces Further Delays

Nokia has warned its customers that the long, long, awaited Nokia N8 will further delayed by up to a month.

Earlier this month Nokia said that the N8 would be released by 1 October, but has now confirmed on its official blog that while it will start to ship by the end of September customers will most likely not get the device in their hands until the end of October.

If one reads between the lines on the blog it seems that Nokia is desperate to keep shareholders happy by being seen to be keeping its promise of shipping before the end of the third quarter of 2010 – so if it can ship even a few N8s on time it can say it has done so.

In its blog Nokia didn’t give any reason for the further delay but according to the Financial Times, it’s to allow time for final adjustments.

While it may be frustrating for those who have pre-ordered, on the upside it does imply that Nokia is very keen to get this one as right as it can, as it looks to arrest the decline in the high-end smartphone market that it had suffered to Apple and Android based devices.

Recently it was all change at Nokia as CEO Olli-Pekka Kallsvuo was replaced to make way for Stephen Elop, while Nokia long-timer Anssi Vanjoki, recently promoted to head of Nokia’s Mobile Solutions, was also given his marching orders.

With all this commotion, let’s hope the Nokia N8 is worth the wait.

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