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Nokia N8 Dying On Some Users

David Gilbert


Nokia N8 Dying On Some Users

While we have yet to publish our definitive review of Nokia’s flagship smart phone, (which is coming next week), to say the reaction to the N8 since its release in October has been underwhelming would be an overstatement.

It is fair to say that Nokia has been left in the dust of rivals HTC, Apple, Dell and even Sony Ericsson when it comes to smart phones. However. our initial look at the N8 at IFA earlier this year, left us impressed with its A/V capabilities and so we will await with bated breath the official review here next week.

While the hardware itself has, thus far, not been the main issue (it being the Symbian OS), an official statement has confirmed that some of the N8s handsets are experiencing powering-up issues, with some not even charging.

In an attempt to put a stop to rumours and speculation circulating the online community regarding the problem, Niklas Savander, executive vice-president, has gone on record about the problem stating: “"If you look at the total number of N8s that we have shipped, it's a small number. However for the one individual where it's not working, it is of course a significant issue."

Nokia has traced the problem “to the way {it} assembled the engines” and has taken steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Savander went on to state that normal Nokia warranty rules apply here, so those who encounter any problems with their device should contact their local Nokia Care Centre.

Savander, in a video interview with a Nokia stooge, said the problem was not limited to any particular part of the globe and other than this complaint it had received a lot of positive feedback “where the consumers are loving their N8s.” He said that compared to the total number of N8s it had shipped, the problem was occurring in a “small number” of handsets but “for the one individual where is it not working, it is of course a significant issue.”

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