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Nokia Makes Comes With Music DRM Free

Gordon Kelly


Nokia Makes Comes With Music DRM Free

Nokia you're a funny old beast. You (somehow) still dominate the mobile phone marketplace and yet get just about everything wrong. It doesn't matter what you try: touchscreen smartphones, buying Symbian, creating an app store, launching a 'free' music service - nothing comes out quite right. The latest example...

Nokia has finally learnt what the rest of the industry twigged around the time of the Apple EMI agreement in 2007: DRM laced music doesn't work. Consequently it has dropped DRM from its otherwise appealing, yet until now largely ignored Comes With Music service. Yes, I know it said this would happen in June last year, but now it really means it, really, really... in China.

Oh and if you're wondering why China and how this is yet another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory here you go: Nokia director of music Jyrki Rosenberg has confirmed to engadget that the move was "driven by rampant, local piracy concerns {and} the recovery of any revenue was better than nothing at all". Consequently it has no plans as yet to do the same in Europe despite announcing these exact intentions almost a year ago.

So until that happens Comes With Music will continue to be the epic failure it has been up to now. Oh and if you're wondering why we have such old images in this article that's because we tried to get shots of the Comes With Music store, but got this cracker of a message in 2010...

Need we say more?


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