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Nokia Loses Patent Case Against Apple

David Gilbert


Nokia Loses Patent Case Against Apple

Things just seem to get worse and worse for the Finnish phone giant as a judge rules Apple has not infringed any of Nokia's Symbian patents.

Nokia is suing Apple over five patents relating to its Symbian operating system and an initial ruling by the International Trade Commission in the US has decided that Apple has nothing to answer. Judge James Gildea gave his ruling this week but has not explained his decision and it will now go to the full six-member Commission which has 60 days to review the decision. This case dates back to October 2009 when Nokia filed the complaint, with Apple counter-suing in December of that year, claiming the Finnish manufacturer had misused 13 Apple technologies.

Nokia is seeking to get Apple products barred from the United States – similar to the situation we saw when LG successfully won an import ban on PlayStation 3s earlier this month. However it is unlikely that this situation will happen in the Nokia vs Apple battle. Whatever the outcome of the ITC review of the Judge’s decision, this is not a matter that is likely to be settled any time soon.

In other Nokia news, the Finnish company is continuing its evolution by ditching the distinctive typeface (Nokia Sans) and replacing it with a new variation (Nokia Pure). Following its installation of its first non-Finnish CEO last year and then its partnership with Microsoft, Nokia could soon become completely unrecognisable from its previous incarnation.

Source: Tech Eye and Nokia

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