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Nokia Gives Sneak Peak of Symbian^4

Gordon Kelly


Well this is a great way to undercut what you're doing...

Just weeks after Symbian^3 was unveiled as the great hope for the platform's future, Nokia has jumped in and shown us a video of a prototype Symbian^4 which suggests we might as well put our money away and wait for that.

That said, in all fairness there isn't any great attempt to explain the differences between the two and on the surface Symbian^3 and ^4 don't look particularly different (though I do wish they'd drop the infuriating '^'). This is understandable given the huge upgrades ^3 brings, and the main thing to note are the updated widgets which thankfully don't bear too close an influence to Samsung's horrendous TouchWiz UI.

What is clear, however, is that Symbian is shaping up nicely as a hybrid between Android and iPhone OS and if it get can the balance of open and slick right from those two there will be few complaints. Symbian also still has a majority share in the mobile phone market, so while it has been losing traction in recent years there remains a huge - and in many cases, loyal - customer base.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether Nokia can combine its newly reinvigorated platform with the right hardware to really get our hearts beating fast for all things Finn again. I've got my fingers crossed.


via The mdanofierce YouTube channel


March 1, 2010, 2:51 pm

Why oh why do they bother releasing videos where you either need to lie down to watch them or rotate your monitor? Looks like they have something decent to compete in the market with but what a daft way to promote it!

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