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Nokia E75 Official Snaps & Specs Leak

Gordon Kelly


Nokia E75 Official Snaps & Specs Leak

So Expansys is back to its old tricks again...

This time the 'pro-active' online retailer has blurted out details of the highly anticipated Nokia E75 - a handset we first got wind of in mid September but have heard diddly squat from ever since.

Is it worth the wait? Well, yes and no depending on your priorities.

The good stuff: 3.6Mbit HSDPA, aGPS with integrated Nokia Maps, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, FM tuner, a microSDHC expansion slot and a neat dual home screen designed to be setup for work and personal profiles. On top of this there's a 3.5mm headphone jack (everyone seems to have the message now), while the design is also undeniably swish and features a full sliding Qwerty keyboard.

The bad stuff: a rather squitty screen at just 2.4 inches and featuring an oh-so-2007 QVGA resolution doesn't really make this an ideal smartphone. The QVGA 30fps video recording is also fairly hum drum (unless you're an iPhone owner, in which case it's a lusted after fantasy extra) and a meh-ish 3.2MP camera (again ditto for my fellow iPhone owners).

Personally speaking, the screen size would be a deal breaker for me but otherwise this is an extremely competent sounding handset and even the £389.99 sim free price is nowhere near as extortionate as you find with many a smartphone. Expansys claims the Nokia E75 will ship on 13 March and will also be available from free on T-Mobile, a few weeks late it has to be said given the Mobile World Congress is revealing its darkest secrets next week...


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February 10, 2009, 2:40 pm

Doesn't really offer much more than existing handsets. I'd still opt for the E71!


February 10, 2009, 4:50 pm

Agree with Steve, it seems pointless to have a full number keypad and a slide out querty. They should have just put simple call start/end buttons on the front, and a full length screen.

Will stick with my E71, even with the stupid prop headphone jack!


February 11, 2009, 7:05 pm

Why even mention the Iphone in this article? Gratuitous and pointless. This phone is about as relevant to the Iphone as a Range Rover is to a Corvette.

This phone is basically Nokia taking the E90 downscale. Probably to meet the current economic situation. The E series is targeted at corporate users, i.e. higher perceentage of older males that many similar devices, and focuses on e-mail and voice, less so on multimedia.

Also if you look at the model designation E75 an it being a downscaled E90, its clear that Nokia is leaving room to release higher speced devices.

In that light the device is on point for its target market and intended positioning. I dont know why the author would bother nagging about QVGA or a bigger screen, or the camera. That isnt the point. Nor is the Iphone relevant at all either.

Every device isnt mean to be the same or serve the same purpose - otherwise every manufacturer would only need ONE model.

It would be far more useful to readers if TrustedReviews actually takes the time to consider the purpose and positioning of the device, before running down a bog-standard list of complaints. Its rather lazy and certainly not infomative. Just publishing the psudo-press release - sorry, I mean "leaked info" - as is, would be better than laying on uninformed "analysis" of the device.


February 11, 2009, 8:33 pm

Easy there Kanu! I think the comments about the iphone were just meant to be a tongue in cheek dig that even though the video/camera on this new Nokia are low spec'd by today's standard, they're are still vastly better than on the Apple device.

I think by comparing the phone to the E90 you are implicitly making the authors point about the screen size. It's full length on the E90 - why not on this handset, even if it is "down spec'd"? Who needs an extra number pad on the front of a phone with a slide-out keyboard? Not me!


February 12, 2009, 2:33 am

I described the likely target audience of the phone. No i dont think it is you. But I suspect that it fits for them. And yes, they likely want to have larger simple traditonal keys for most situations and the keybaord for extended use.

Yes, indeed the E90 had both of these and a bigger screen, but that was a SECOND, flip-out interior screen. This device HERE is a lower end device and has one screen and is engineered for lower price point. Should anyone really feign shock that it is a smaller screen? Not really.

It is silly to keep trying to demand that every phone fits the "most" of everything in.

Like laptops, phones are inherent compromises. In the choices made, you see the audience intended for the device. And if nothing else, we know that the Nokia E series is not intended for an audience that demands cutting edge max of everything. The E71 is a big hit in its inteneded audience and it doesnt need any bigger a screen to do that.

This device seems to be intended to sit a similar nice but meeting an need for two-handed input, whereas the E71 is essentially a one-handed device.

Nokia has no plans for this to be a mainstream phone. It is what it is, and is for a specific audience. Best to accept it like that instead - of measuring it by standards of devices intended to sell to teenagers who need a mobile movie watching machine that they can answer their calls on.

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