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Nokia E6 Business Phone Announced

David Gilbert


Nokia E6 Business Phone Announced

There is one stand-out feature of the newly announced Nokia E6. It's not that it will run Symbian Anna out of the box, or that its touchscreen will have a pixel density of 326ppi. No, the stand-out feature for this business phone is a claimed battery life of 14 hours talk time and up to one month standby.

Yes the E6 may have the styling of a BlackBerry but it is very much its own phone. As a business phone, the E6's battery life will win it a lot of friends, considering most smartphones these days offer little over a days use before giving up the ghost. A full QWERTY portrait keyboard sits beneath a 2.46in VGA touchscreen, which boasts an incredible pixel density of 326ppi and supports pinch-to-zoom. Under the hood the E6 is powered by an ARM1176 680MHz processor, which is helped along by a Broadcom graphics accelerator.

The E6 includes an ambient light sensor, compass, orientation sensor and proximity sensor. The phone has 8GB of inbuilt memory and supports microSD cards up to 32GB. It also comes with a lot of business-orientated features such as Exchange, Communicator Mobile and SharePoint access. The E6 also features the now almost trademark 8MP camera, found on most of Nokia's smartphones.

The E6 will appeal to a lot of business users, or general users for that matter, considering its huge battery life in comparison to some of the smartphones out there. It will begin shipping in Q2 of this year with a price point of £345.

Source: Forum.Nokia

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