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Nokia Demos New Symbian OS With Multi-touch

Gordon Kelly


Nokia Demos New Symbian OS With Multi-touch

Far from dropping Symbian it appears that Nokia has new found love for it...

At the company's 'Capital Market Day' for investors, the Finns showed off concepts for a complete rehash of the flagging mobile OS and they do look mighty impressive.

Key highlights include multi-touch (finally), HDMI outputs for HD video, multiple home screens (finally x2), support for NFC (Near Field Communication) and up to 3x faster performance with scrolling increased from 15 to 60fps.

"{We will} use a new optimized graphic architecture with a focus on graphics and responsiveness, showcased beautifully on a large capacitive screen," said Nokia executive VP of new devices Kai Öistämö. "Later in the year, a completely new visual architecture re-working of the UI will drastically reduce the complexity throughout and bring fresh appeal. We will execute here."

This is all pretty good news, especially with a mid 2010 timeframe put on the updates, though it does seem odd Nokia is pushing ahead with both Symbian and the hugely promising Maemo rather than sticking to one platform. Could these features also end up on Symbian-based Samsung and Sony Ericsson handsets? Quite possibly if a deal can be struck.

So Symbian may not be a haggard, old OS belly flopping into the hell fires of irrelevance. Who knew...?


via Gizmodo

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