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Nintendo Wii

There’s still no official price announced for Wii, but the rumour around the show is somewhere between $200 and $250, which makes it look like an absolute bargain compared to the PS3, which will cost $599 with a 60GB hard drive! Of course you’ll probably be spending some of the money you save on the multitude of Wii controllers that Nintendo will be bringing to market.

Besides the standard controller, there’s the thumb stick/trigger controller that plugs into it for games like Zelda, then there’s the classic gamepad controller. There’s also a gun controller – you slide the main controller into the barrel of this one. One thing’s for sure, Nintendo has thought this through and anyone who was writing off the Revolution last year should be asking themselves how they could have been so wrong.

On a final note, the Wii console itself just looks great – better than the Xbox 360 and way better than the PS3. Like the GameCube before it, it’s a small box, but it’s far more stylish than its predecessor and in no way looks like a child’s toy. Just like with the DS, Nintendo has made me remember that games aren’t just supposed to be about next generation graphics and sound, they’re supposed to be about fun – after all, that’s the whole point of playing games isn’t it? I know that I will end up buying both, but right now I think that if I had to choose between Wii or PS3 in November I’d definitely be going down the Nintendo route.

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