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Nintendo Wii

But for me the highlight of both the Nintendo stand and the entire first day at E3 has to be playing Zelda. There was a playable demo of the Wii version of Zelda and it was the most groundbreaking game I have played in years. Not because of the graphics, or the sound, or even the gameplay, but because of the control method. Zelda uses both the standard controller and the separate joystick/trigger add on, which feels very cumbersome at first.

In fact controlling Zelda using the Wii controllers is nigh on impossible when you first pick it up, but after a little perseverance you realise that this game is something very special indeed. It’s when you try to fire arrows or throw your boomerang that you really get the benefit of the control method – you end up tilting the controller from side to side and up and down while you zero in on your target before firing. It’s far from easy and needs a very steady hand coupled with lots of concentration, but it’s very gratifying when you pull off a great shot.

Amazing as the control method is, I shouldn’t take anything away from how visually stunning the game looks. Anyone that was disappointed with the cell shaded visuals of Windwaker will have absolutely nothing to complain about with the new game. I played a section where Link is fishing and the water effects were superb – plus you got to use that innovative control method again to reel in your fish.



March 22, 2009, 5:16 am

Hi, I've just read loads of Trusted Reviews early news on the 'next gen' consoles. This website really slated the revolution/wii. And with the information available at the time, rightly so. Boy how this one took us by surprise. No one expected this tiny white box to sell buckets more than the gaming giants that are 360 and ps3. Unbelievable isn't it.

Also, early PS3 price speculations are laughable. To think anyone thought it would have launched in the same price bracket of the 360 sounds silly now. Hardware-wise, the PS3 is and always will be streets ahead of the 360; yet its took until now for its game library to offer genuine killer-apps such as MGS4, Killzone2 and LBP. Oh, well Sony, better late than never huh?

I wonder how long the Wii will retain its title... How many God of war 3's, Heavey Rains and Lost Planet2's will it take to dethrone the 'gaming Revolution'. Come the next, next Gen, will Sony and Microsoft adopt Nintendo's business model, or will they stick to their guns.

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