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Nintendo at E3

I got up at some ungodly hour for day one of E3 2006. Registration started at 7am, and I wanted to be first in line when the doors opened. Unfortunately, although registration started at 7am, the show floor didn’t open to the press until 9am, which meant a couple of hours sitting around on the floor, and trying to bribe security guards to let me in. If only I’d been wearing a hoody and carrying a couple of suit cases; I could have slipped right past all the security just like Jack Bauer!

Of course waiting for ages for the doors to open meant that Wil from Bit-Tech and I could work out our game plan. We both agreed that as soon as the doors opened we’d sprint straight to the Nintendo stand for a Wii (sorry, I know it’s puerile but I couldn’t help it). Since we were the first journalists through the door we had imagined that we’d walk straight onto the Nintendo stand, grab some controllers and get playing – how wrong we were. It seemed that even though no one was supposed to be let in before 9am, there was already a queue around the stand with an hour wait before we could get our paws on Nintendo’s new hardware.

Being intrinsically altruistic, I left Wil to keep queuing while I had a little wander around. I wanted to go over to the Sony stand to see how the queue there for the PS3 compared to the one for the Wii. Amazingly I walked straight onto to the Sony stand, picked up a PS3 controller and started playing Gran Turismo – it would seem that more people were desperate for Wii than they were for PS3. I’ll come back to PS3 later, so let’s fast forward an hour and jump back to the Nintendo stand.

When we finally reached the front of the queue, we were funnelled into a circular area with a rotating platform in the middle. On the platform were some Nintendo guys playing tennis, while another one was busy conducting an orchestra by waving the controller around. But watching other people Play wasn’t what I was there for, I wanted to get my hands on Nintendo’s innovative new controller myself.


March 22, 2009, 5:16 am

Hi, I've just read loads of Trusted Reviews early news on the 'next gen' consoles. This website really slated the revolution/wii. And with the information available at the time, rightly so. Boy how this one took us by surprise. No one expected this tiny white box to sell buckets more than the gaming giants that are 360 and ps3. Unbelievable isn't it.

Also, early PS3 price speculations are laughable. To think anyone thought it would have launched in the same price bracket of the 360 sounds silly now. Hardware-wise, the PS3 is and always will be streets ahead of the 360; yet its took until now for its game library to offer genuine killer-apps such as MGS4, Killzone2 and LBP. Oh, well Sony, better late than never huh?

I wonder how long the Wii will retain its title... How many God of war 3's, Heavey Rains and Lost Planet2's will it take to dethrone the 'gaming Revolution'. Come the next, next Gen, will Sony and Microsoft adopt Nintendo's business model, or will they stick to their guns.

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