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Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Coming to Europe 5 November


Nintendo Wii Remote Plus Coming to Europe 5 November

Nintendo has announced that it will launch the updated Wii Remote, dubbed the Wii Remote Plus, on 5 November.

The remote combines the Wii Motion Plus add-on inside the same sized housing as the original Wii Remote.

The Wii Motion Plus is a small add-on that plugs into the base of the standard Wii Remote and enhances the precision and accuracy of motion tracking in compatible Wii games, but it will be rendered obsolete with the new device

The price of the new remote hasn’t been announced but it will be available in four colours – white, black, pink and blue.

The launch title for the enhanced add-on was Wii Sports Resort and a Wii Remote with the Motion Plus was supplied.

Having the Wii Motion Plus as standard for new Wiis, and those buying additional remotes, means that developers may be encouraged to create more titles that take advantage of the increased sensitivity. So far Red Steel 2 is the only other Wii title that requires Motion Plus hardware, as with titles such as Virtua Tennis 2009, it’s optional. The next game that requires it is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, due in 2011.

While Nintendo popularised the whole motion controller shebang, Sony has taken it to the next level with the ultra-sensitive PlayStation Move, while Microsoft has dispensed with the controller all together with the Kinect, and with all the emphasis on the new boys in town, Nintendo will have a hard time competing in the run up to Christmas.

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