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Nintendo Unveils 'Wii Speak' 4-Four Voice Channel

Gordon Kelly


Nintendo Unveils 'Wii Speak' 4-Four Voice Channel

Back in July Nintendo announced WiiSpeak, a mic and speaker combo that brought out the scepticism in me, and then promptly did nothing with it. Three months later and all becomes clear...

The 'Wii Speak' channel will unite with this curious piece of hardware and enable up to four people ('four individual locations' strictly says Nintendo) to chat simultaneously either in a dedicated chat room or while gaming.

In a crafty move however the Wii Speak channel will only be added if you purchase the WiiSpeak hardware since it provides a code that is used in the console's shopping channel to download it. Sneaky and a devious and not entirely nice way of keeping customers from using their own third party wired or wireless headsets for free.

To make you feel better the hardware will come packaged with the light strategy game 'Animal Crossing; City Folks' so there'll be a little bit more for your money.

How much money? 7,800 Japanese yen (approx £40 - ouch) and it will hit stores in Japan on 20 November. Quite when we poor saps will get it and for what price is another matter entirely.

As for my earlier scepticism, it's still there: after all Wii Speak is unlikely to work anywhere near as well as a dedicated headset and it offers no privacy of any kind. Factor in the compulsory purchase to even get the Wii Speak channel (come on a cheap channel only price would be nice) and I'm not convinced Nintendo has got this one quite right...


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October 6, 2008, 3:43 pm

The Wii doesn't support any other kind of mic peripheral anyway.


October 6, 2008, 4:23 pm

Can't help but feel you've got this a little back to front.

The Wii Speak is supposed to be a social experience, particularly suited for Animal Crossing which isn't really a strategy game at all let alone light. The Wii Speak channel is probably more the freebie thing they've thrown in.


October 7, 2008, 2:01 am

You seem to be comparing the Wii Speak/Animal Crossing bundle on a par with the Wii remote/Wii Play bundle this is not at all the case as Animal Crossing is one of the most popular games on DS and is a 'full' Wii game and as such would cost around &#16340 anyway. I think the point about not having privacy is so that parents can hear what is being shouted at their children and so is very 'Nintendo'.

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