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Nintendo Sees Red with Special Edition Mario Wii

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Nintendo has announced an all red limited edition version of its Wii console, as a celebration of the 25th anniversary of its legendary gaming character Mario.

Initially it was thought the celebratory console was to be a Japan only item but it’s been confirmed that the console will be released in the UK on 29 October.

The 25th Anniversary Mario Wii bundle also contains a matching red WiiMote with WiiMote Plus built-in – no add-on needed. You’ll also get a copy of Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. You’ll also find the game Jumpan ready and waiting on the internal memory – the Donkey Kong game that marked the very first appearance of the red caped plumber with incredible athletic abilities.

There’s no confirmation of pricing, but a premium over the standard box is expected.

Nintendo will also be released a red version of the DSi XL bundled with new Super Mario Bros, released on 22 October.

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