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Nintendo Launches DSi XL

Gordon Kelly


Nintendo Launches DSi XL

Hankering for a DSi, only larger? Nintendo hears you...

The gaming giant has today announced the 'DSi XL', an enlarged version of the DSi, which ups the display sizes to a huge 4.2 inches. This results is a 93 per cent jump in screen real estate compared to the original model.

Despite this and the enlarged footprint of the XL (161 x 91.4mm vs 133 x 73.9mm), the thickness is actually marginally slimmer than the DSi at 21.2mm verses 21.5mm on the DSi. That said, it is considerably heavier at 314g against the DSi's 214g and DSi Lite's 218g. Battery life does remains the same however at three hours.

Other than the bump in size, everything else remains the same with a 21 November ship date scheduled for Japan and a Q1 target for Europe.

In related news, Nintendo also used the DSi XL to mask some rather troubling financial results which show profit down to ¥69.49 billion ($770m), roughly half of what it managed at the same time last year. Given our cataclysmic economy that could be expected, but more concerning was the huge drop in Wii sales from April to September that saw 5.75m units shipped - a fall of 43 per cent from this period last year.

Yes, a profit is still a profit and that's no little number of consoles, but it does confirm the Wii's rather long Indian Summer is finally at an end...


DSi XL Homepage (In Japanese)

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