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Nine Year Old Becomes Microsoft Certified Professional

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Nine Year Old Becomes Microsoft Certified Professional

I know the youth of today is acknowledged as being far more tech savvy than older generations, but this is ridiculous...

To add some Chrimbo cheer today and perhaps explain why Microsoft users go through so much pain each year is news that a nine year old Indian girl has become the youngest person to pass the Microsoft Certified Professional examination.

Clearly destined to run the company one day M Lavinashree, from the rural town state of Tamil Nadu, was the little genius to pass with flying colours and has been presented with a special plaque by the bigwigs at Redmond. The previous record holder? Arfa Karim, a ten year old girl from Pakistan (I sense the political fallout already!).

On the other hand maybe we shouldn't be surprised, as at the age of three Lavinashree broke the record for reciting all 1330 couplets of Thirukural - something I didn't ace until at least four... *cough*

So I send you off to your Christmas presents with this happy thought: no matter what there's always someone far, far cleverer than you... ;)


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