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Nintendo Financial Results: Sales Up, Profit Down

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Given its impressive sales figures, I doubt anyone will be surprised to hear Nintendo is among the few companies recording a profit in these difficult climes. However, it seems Nintendo isn't having things entirely its own way for while the company is indeed making money, its level of profit is still significantly down over last year, and as a result so are its revised yearly figures.

For the April to December period of Nintendo's 2008-2009 financial year, sales hit ¥1.54 trillion (~11.92 billion) equating to ¥213 million profit (~£1.65 billion). That's a 16.7 per cent improvement in sales turning into a 17.9 per cent lowering in profit over the same period last financial year

In light of these results Nintendo has revised its forecast figures for the financial year as a whole to ¥1.67 trillion (~£12.98 billion) with profit standing at ¥257 billion (~£2 billion.

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