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Nikon introduces ME-1 stereo DSLR microphone


Nikon introduces ME-1 stereo DSLR microphone

Nikon has launched the ME-1 microphone, an accessory for its latest entry-level DSLR, the D5100. The external mic made its debut alongside the DSLR yesterday at its London launch.

Designed to slot neatly into the hot shoe of compatible cameras, Nikon claims that the ME-1 has been developed to capture professional-quality audio. The ME-1 is fitted with a vibration reduction system, designed to cancel out unwanted noise originating from the camera’s autofocus system.

Furthermore, the ME-1 also allows you to suppress unwanted interference from wind gusts and distracting background noise with the aid of the supplied windscreen and low-cut filter. The sensitivity of the unidirectional ME-1 can be adjusted through the camera menu. It is powered by the camera’s battery rather than its own supply.

The ME-1 will be available from 21 April, priced at £120.

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