New Nikon lenses

As well as these two new cameras, Nikon has also announced five new lenses. Three are prime focal length telephotos with Nikon's VRII optical image stabilisation, while the other two are professional-grade zooms.

The new lenses incorporate Nano Crystal coat and ED glass elements to deliver images that are sharp, rich in contrast, with soft background bokeh, especially in low light conditions.

The VR II system features a new mode designed to specifically compensate for camera shake when using vibration reduction at slow shutter speeds on a tripod.

The new lenses offer quick and quiet autofocus operation, thanks to the Silent Wave ultrasonic motor. They also feature new manual focus override switching designed to maintain autofocus in the event of accidental override. They also feature a smooth tripod collar rotation for easier changes of camera orientation. All of the new lenses offer the focus pre-set system used on current VR super telephoto lenses like the 300mm f/2.8 VR and 200-400mm f4 VR.

Designed for the demands of professional sport, press and wildlife photography, the new VR lenses are sealed to withstand dust and moisture and are only slightly heavier than their predecessors. The zoom lenses too have high dust and moisture resistance, and include a rubber seal around the bayonet mount.

The pricing of these new lenses will be announced in September.

Link:Nikon UK


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